Some of our primary elements are cells and water.  We also have a current that runs through us as well.  Most of us have heard the term "the body electric" and experienced an "electrical shock" from touching something or someone.  Our body responds well to using these elements for energy and vitality.  We are always reminded to get our daily recommendations of water intake.  Water is good for our health and our skin.   Most of our skincare products contain water.  It is usually listed first in the product ingredient list.  We also embrace the use of electrical skincare modalities for the beautification and improvement to the appearance of our skin.  When you think about a natural and organic approach to skincare you can include the use of these currents as our body will accept this application since they mimic what we are.  This concept is referred to as "like treating like".  It's sometimes used to boost our immunity.  Examples of this is when you get a flu shot of the virus to build up resistance to getting infected with the virus or when you get exposed to what you are allergic to in little doses as your body gets used to it and builds up an immunity to it. 

We use water to help restore the natural moisture to our skin.  We use skincare electrotherapy to improve the appearance of our skin.  There are various exciting options in our service and product offerings to reflect this philosophy which include many more results oriented ingredients that have beenproven to get a positive result.

Please keep in touch with Ca Hair and Skin Vitality to see what is available to help you with your skincare concerns.  There will be more information later regarding specific products and services.

 We have created the TRANSFORMACIAL.  This service embraces the latest in skincare technology to deliver beautiful results enjoyed by our clients!